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Easy Rent accepts various forms of payment.

  • When negotiations have been completed, you can also make deposits directly into the bank account of the landlord (account details will be provided to you by Easy Rent).
  • You can make payments through our wireless payment options (Bank transfers, deposit, Mobile Money). Find details here.
  • We highly discourage cash transactions; however, we may accept cash at our office. Make sure you get a receipt for all cash transactions.

Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm typically, but we are always willing to help and can organise appointments outside these times on request if a member of staff is available

Our office is situated at Paramount Junction - Molyko, Buea. Contact us.

Not at all! Our home page offers a refined search option as a starting point to assist your search. Select from the list which town you are looking for a house in and also what type of property you are looking to rent. Hit Search and you will have all results that fit your preference.

Send us an enquiry on our contact page: Please specify your requirements, preferred locations and price range, we will get in touch with you with more specificsuggestions; we can talk about your best options and find a more suitable property for you.

The period we take to find a house for our clients is an average of 2 days to a week. This also depends on the availability of the selected property and the stipulated time to move in by the client.

After you must have confirmed your selection, you can either pay your rents directly to your Landlord’s account (when specified, details will be provided by Easy Rent) or you pay using Easy Rent various payment methods. Find out more about Making a Payment.

  • You don’t have to go through the stress walking under the scourging heat of the sun for weeks to get information about vacanthouses.
  • You don’t have to go from one agent to the other paying huge sums of money in order to search of a suitable house.
  • As a student, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your homes or cut short your holidays/internships and travel just to secure a nice and affordable accommodation.
  • With Easy Rent, just a single call or message will secure you your ideal house.

Every property listing on our website has a Reference Number, found at the very top of the description box. This number serves as an easy way for you to identify specific properties that you want to return to, show someone else or refer to when you call in with questions.

Easy Rent aims to make your property search experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, not only via this website but also with our offline customer support line, highly read blog, e-newsletter and engaging social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, google+ and LinkedIn as Easy Rent Cameroon. Whether you are just beginning to think about renting a property, have just started your process, have been unsuccessful using other websites, are helping friends and family with their search, are a professional in the industry or simply love all things related to real estate, you should definitely stay in the loop with us! Like and follow us today.

If you have feedback, we appreciate that too.

We offer short assured tenancies with a period between a minimum of 6 months and 12 months fixed term. This will be mutually agreed at the application stage. (All leases must be terminated by a two months prior written notice).

The caution is a security bond to safeguard the landlord’s property and help cover the costs if the property is damaged or left in a poor condition. Your deposit will be held by the landlord and will be returned to you at the end of the tenancy. If there are to be any deductions they will have to be approved by the landlord.

In fixed-term tenancies, the tenancy will come to an end on reaching the agreed termination date. The landlord/tenant must give the tenant at least 2 Months written notice to confirm his intention to end the tenancy on the agreed termination date.

Where specified, it is possible to continue the tenancy as a periodic tenancy.

In periodic tenancies, for example, month-to-month (rolling), the tenancy can be ended by either the landlord or the tenant giving the other at least 2 Months written notice of their intention to terminate the tenancy.

Yes, unless specified otherwise. When specified, tenants have to pay a deposit for utilities which will be managed by the landlord and tenants will receive monthly updates of their consumption. When tenants consume the deposit for utilities, they either have to make an additional deposit or take charge of the monthly payments themselves.

This includes electricity, water, satellite TV (where applicable) etc.

Tenants are responsible for the damages that occur during their tenancy and for the upkeep of the property. Easy Rent offers quick, efficient and affordable maintenance options for tenants. Please visit our Report a Maintenance Issue page for more details.

Welcome to our repair reporting system. Get speedy response to all your maintenance issues from our network of professional and experienced handymen.

  • To speed up the process, please provide photos of the reported issue. Failure to do so will mean we will need to contact you for pictures before we can proceed and we are committed to fixing your problem swiftly.
  • Please contact our office using the contact number /out of hours number or email (if applicable) available on our contact page.
  • This service is also provided to all tenants by Easy Rent at very affordable rates. Easy Rent is out to make life easy for you.

Easy Rent charges a registration/viewing fee of 2000 fcfa. This fee is meant to cover the costs of consultancy, transportation and communication and it’s only paid ONCE until a suitable house is found for the client.

Easy Rent also charges a commission of between 20% - 40% of 1 month’s rent (depending on the price of the property). This commission is payable after the client has confirmed his/her choice and is about to make a deposit to the landlord.

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